Limited Edition Honet
12.00 €

Honet is a graffiti writer and illustrator linked to the French artistic scene, with a visionary style that made him stand out above the rest, and which brought him notoriety at a global level.

The artist, who lives in Paris, commented in a recent exposition in the Montana Gallery in Seville; I didn’t rub shoulders with Boris Vian in the Saint Germain des Pres café in the post-war period, or with Fellini and his Dolce Vita in the ’50s; nor have I known the Beatles and the swinging ’60s in London, or Malcom Mclaren and the Kings Roads punks in the ’70s; I grew up during the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the suicide of Curtis, the Public Enemies, and the Béruriers Noirs’.

A genius creator, unique within his contemporary art environment; in Montana Colors, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ask him to participate in our Limited Edition line.