Above the Law
Phil America
Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa and Phil America present a dramatic look at freedom through art as presented by graffiti, its artists, and its landscapes. In this photo series, the dissimulation of photography as art is a focal point, focusing not on the subject of illusion but rather the verisimilitude which is ever-present due to the nature of the content of the works. For the last decade, Phil America has followed artists within this movement, combining art and urban exploration while engaging in the human construct of freedom in a Western ideology.

"Above The Law," documents a perpetual search for a moment in time high above the experience of everyday life within the boundaries of art. Despite traditional decree and the legal framework in 10 countries across 3 continents, Phil America has taken to documenting a radical movement within a revolutionist subculture: the small handful of individuals throughout the globe intensely focused on bringing art to public passenger trains and forever searching for a piece of freedom above the law.

The work presents each photo grasping hold of a moment in time every individual in modernity dreams of: a moment of clarity and freedom. With the harsh, assertive photos presented on a background of the clean, white, minimal structure of the gallery, he showcases the contrast of the individuals and their clear devotion to an art unaccepted and unchained abutting art in a corporate sense.


  • Cola
    Sob pressão
  • Glam
    Silver Kings & Paper toys
  • Paul Neberra
    Bring your own mask
  • Honet
  • Bray
    Claimness Exhibition
  • Mário Belém
    Mário Quem?